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With the rapid development of materials science, there are many new fibers emerging every year. How to efficiently mine value from massive product information and insight into future trends has become the common demand of textile practitioners.

In order to help textile enterprises better respond to changes in market demand and solve the pain points in product development, Zhejiang Branch of China Textile Information Center independently developed a forward-looking fiber application promotion platform. With fiber material knowledge map as the core, the platform reduces the communication cost of upstream and downstream enterprises in the textile industry chain by systematically integrating product information and latest developments of various fiber materials, and helps enterprises to enhance product innovation and market competitiveness with complete information one step ahead of others.

Bring together cutting-edge information to provide decision support

The fiber application promotion platform has brought together more than 200 leading fiber material suppliers at home and abroad and more than 400 kinds of advanced fiber new materials. It integrates the functions of fiber material information retrieval, new product promotion, production enterprise inquiry and textile product development assistance, and can provide decision support and efficient services for product development and promotion of enterprises in the whole industrial chain based on multiple needs such as functionality, ecological attributes and terminal applications.

Based on the interaction of information visualization, the platform improves the feasibility of new product development for fabric enterprises with professional subdivision labels and rich product application examples. In addition, the platform has also opened up the database of China International Fabric Design Competition, so that terminal brands can explore more excellent fabric suppliers while understanding functional and ecological materials.

Improve the system functions to meet the needs of enterprises

In the "Fiber application promotion platform training" held on May 31, Yang Yuxin, a researcher from the Science and Technology Information Department of China Textile Information Center, introduced the core functions and practical operation methods of the fiber application promotion platform in detail. It not only deepens the enterprise's cognition of new fiber materials, application fields and supply sources, but also further improves the enterprise's ability to apply the platform scientifically and efficiently.

Enterprise representatives from textile enterprises experienced the existing functions of the system such as fiber knowledge map, fiber application examples, fiber classification query, and consulted on the system's retrieval methods, advanced operations, application scope, data sources and other issues.

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