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[Polypropylene general filament product features]
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Polypropylene filament product features: soft feel, small shrinkage rate, anti-aging, good acid and alkali resistance, and has the effect of easy washing and quick drying.

Polypropylene filament is mainly used in the field of decorative and industrial textiles. Due to the advantages of low specific gravity, light weight, strong covering force and high wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, moth resistance, easy cleaning, polypropylene polypropylene filament is mainly used in: ribbon, carpet cloth, wall fabric, curtains, furniture cloth, luggage and other aspects of the application is more widely.

Yitong products are mainly used in luggage, clothing, shoes and hats, home textiles, furniture and other industries. In response to market demand, Yitong products have not only supplied to the domestic market, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, Africa and other countries. Adhering to the principle that professionalism is the foundation, service is the guarantee, quality is the reputation, Yitong has won the trust of customers at home and abroad. In the future, Yitong will continue to build on the past and provide reliable Yitong brand products for new and old customers!

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