[Sending coolness in summer and cooling off with lo]
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Sending coolness in summer and cooling off with love | Yitong Weaving issued a number of heatstroke prevention and cooling benefits!

In recent days, Guangdong has ushered in continuous high temperature and hot weather, the temperature is rising, and the heat is unbearable. In order to protect the health of employees, reduce the impact of high temperature on work, and enable employees to have a comfortable and cool working environment. Our company provides all employees with a variety of heatstroke prevention and cooling benefits such as refreshing Chinese herbal tea, Wanglaoji, mung bean syrup, iced watermelon, etc., which provides a strong logistical guarantee for everyone to work safely in hot summer, and also reflects the company's care for all employees.

Company leaders have always been very concerned about the lives of employees and their health, and regard caring for employees as an important part of corporate culture. The distribution of heatstroke prevention and cooling benefits this time reflects that the company is people-oriented and attaches great importance to employee protection.

The Yitong family members who work hard in the production line, sweat like rain, stick to their posts, maintain a high work enthusiasm, and complete their work tasks with high efficiency and high standards!

One is cool, one is caring, one is caring, and we practice Yitong's mission of "respecting heaven and loving people". The company's care has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of employees to love their jobs and work hard, and further enhance their cohesion and centripetal force. Everyone expressed that they would turn the company's care into the driving force of their work, based on their own positions, and devote themselves to the work with a full mental state, so as to make greater contributions to the development of Yitong Weaving!

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