[Which fabric is more suitable for warm underwear?]
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What fabrics are good fabrics in warm underwear in winter? The decisive factor that truly opens the grade of warm underwear is to keep warm and comfortable. Then you must know the warmth of warm underwear, or understand from the fabric. Which fabric warm underwear is more suitable for you?

Bamboo charcoal: This fiber is different, that is, each bamboo charcoal fiber is a honeycomb -shaped microporous structure that penetrates inside and outside. This unique fiber structure design allows 100%of the functions of bamboo charcoal. The birth of this multifunctional in a bamboo charcoal fiber is a revolutionary innovation of textile multifunctional raw materials.

Pleel Pleel Pleel Pleuelbaus: Bamboo charcoal is mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elements. The texture is hard, fine and porous, and strong adsorption capacity. Its adsorption capacity is more than 10 times the same volume of charcoal. Therefore, pallinopyrine bamboo charcoal has a good function of deodorizing, anticorrosive, and adsorption of odor. Nano -class bamboo charcoal microfilling also has good bacteriostatic and sterilization effects. Polyprow bamboo charcoal shreds are also known as bamboo charcoal fiber as another form of air -conditioned fiber.

Zhuji Datang Dabao Chemical Fiber Factory was established in 1995. It is located in the beautiful scenery of the "Hometown of Chinese Stocks" in the beautiful scenery. Now it has a POY long silk production line, equipped with 473B plus magazine, ammonia packaging yarn, high -speed tendon machine and other production equipment. It is a diversified manufacturer.

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