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Yitong Industrial Co., Ltd. (known as Yitong) is a large webbing manufacturer produced by spinning to the web. Yitong production base is located in Qingyuan City, with a plant area of ​​about 20,000 square meters. As early as 2004, Yitong has established a spinning shop, including 21 spinning machines, and a polypropylene yarn production of 1000 tons. In 2018, Yitong was rated as Vice President of the Polypropylene Branch of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association!

In order to achieve the continuation and diversification of its own products, 2020 Yi Tong established a webbing factory, introducing 800 weaving machines, mainly producing PP webbing, polyester web and nylon zibes, 72 tons, mainly for luggage, handbags, Clothing, shoe materials and pendants, etc.

In order to facilitate customer purchase, Yitong established the marketing center in the third phase of the Shiling Leather City, Guangzhou Huadu District, which is about 2500 square meters, and the webbed sample is set up. To provide customers with color card, sample, order one-stop Purchasing service.

Yitong people actively enter, integrity management, achieved co-production of spun to weaving, providing customers with quality and price of all-induced ribbon products. Yi Tong Ribbon has passed RoHS, GRS test certification, welcome customers and friends to rest assured!




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