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Since the beginning of this year, in the face of a complex situation where the challenges of external environmental risks have risen significantly, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the Ministry of Commerce has worked with all regions and departments to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council ’s "six stability" decision-making deployment in a timely manner. Promulgated and stabilized foreign trade policies and measures, and continued to promote the "five optimizations" and "three constructions", effectively optimized the business environment for foreign trade, and vigorously stimulated the vitality of market players. From January to November, the development of foreign trade continued to maintain a stable and qualitative trend. .

Scale remains stable

From January to November, China's total imports and exports totaled 28.5 trillion yuan, an increase of 2.4%. Among them, exports of 15.55 trillion yuan, an increase of 4.5%; imports of 12.95 trillion yuan, basically the same as last year; trade surplus of 2.6 trillion yuan, an increase of 34.9%. In terms of monthly scale, the total value of imports and exports in November was 2.86 trillion yuan, the highest level in a single month this year. From an international comparison, according to the latest data from the WTO, in the first three quarters, China ’s export growth rate was higher than the average growth rate of major global economies.

Continuous optimization of structure

The international market layout is more reasonable and balanced. Imports and exports to emerging markets increased by 5.3%, accounting for an increase of 1.7 percentage points from the same period last year to 59.5%. Among them, the import and export of countries along the “Belt and Road” increased by 9.9%, and the proportion increased by 2 percentage points to 29.3%. Imports and exports to ASEAN, Latin America and Africa increased by 12.7%, 6.8% and 5.7% respectively. The domestic regional distribution is more balanced. The export of the central and western regions increased by 13.3%, accounting for an increase of 1.4 percentage points from the same period last year to 18.3%. Commodity structure continued to optimize, and exports of mechanical and electrical products increased by 4%, accounting for 58.4%.

The seven major categories of labor-intensive products such as clothing, textiles, furniture, shoes, plastics, toys, and luggage increased in grade and added value, with exports increasing by 5.7% and driving exports by 1.1 percentage points. The vitality of private enterprises has continued to increase, with exports increasing by 12.4%, accounting for an increase of 3.6 percentage points to 51.4%. General trade is full of tenacity, with exports increasing by 7.8%, accounting for an increase of 1.8 percentage points to 58%.

Continuous improvement in quality

The export of high-quality, high-tech, and high-value-added products has grown rapidly. The unit price of integrated circuits, photovoltaics, machine tools, and medical equipment achieved double-digit growth. By continuously promoting system innovation, management innovation and service innovation, the business environment for the development of new formats and models of foreign trade has been further improved. Cross-border e-commerce retail import and export growth of 20%, 35 comprehensive test zones led 168 supporting parks, more than 10,000 enterprises to transform and upgrade, improve quality and efficiency.

The number of overseas warehouses exceeds 1,000, and the scope of services extends worldwide. The export of second-hand cars and bonded maintenance of processing trade have steadily advanced. The new business format has become a new bright spot in foreign trade growth, and new momentum for transformation and upgrading.

Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of High-Quality Trade," clearly strengthening scientific and technological innovation, institutional innovation, model and format innovation, promoting imports and exports, trade in goods and services, trade and two-way investment, trade and Coordinated development of industries and achieve high-quality development of trade.

In the next step, we will take the high-quality development of foreign trade as the guidance, strengthen trade innovation capabilities, actively cultivate new business formats, optimize the international market layout, promote the upgrading and gradient transfer of processing trade, actively expand imports, effectively reduce the institutional cost of trade, and continue to increase trade. Facilitation level and create a good business environment.

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