[[Yi Tong eleven blessings] gongs and drums sounded]
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Seventy years of Chunhua Qiushi, seventy years of change;
Seventy years of sorrow and sorrow, seventy years of hard work;
Seventy years old, and seventy years old, full of vitality;
Seventy years of hard work, seventy years of hard work;
Seventy years of not forgetting the initial heart, seventy years ago.
It’s fruitful today, Megatron!

Great motherland, we love you!
Love your land and love you, love your beauty;
Love your humble self-confidence, love your passion;
Love your little attention and love your care.

Today, Yitong
Offering a gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic
The whole people celebrated and wished the motherland stronger and more prosperous!
Offer the most true confession to the motherland:
Magnificent mountains and rivers show China, and celebrate the motherland's spring.
The land of Shenzhou is full of joy and blessing the motherland Yongping;
The country’s heroes will open a new bureau and hope that the motherland will prosper;
The people of the whole country celebrated and wished the motherland more powerful!

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