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[China 's textile industry, the status of intellect]
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October 9, "China's textile industry, the status of intellectual property protection research report" published in Shanghai. In order to better understand the current status of China's textile industry, intellectual property rights and found the existing problems and challenges, and government and industry partners to seek a better way to protect intellectual property rights to create a healthy textile industry market environment, INVISTA special commission One Bardon consulting firm, a number of media organizations to carry out the joint research.

The survey covers more than 79.7% of the respondents from the textile industry management, and 81.5% of the respondents in the textile industry experience in more than 3 years, The industry is more developed in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region.


Thanks to nearly 800 textile enterprises in the country's active participation, the research report in a few months later released recently. The survey found that China's textile industry's intellectual property protection look forward to the government and enterprises to promote.

Core found

The awareness of intellectual property protection of textile enterprises in developed areas is stronger

81.5% of the respondents believe that intellectual property protection is very important, through the first-line, second-tier, third-tier cities, respondents data found that intellectual property protection awareness and the degree of development of the city have a certain relationship, the more developed areas, The stronger the awareness of intellectual property protection.

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