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[Raw material prices continue to fall, and the mark]
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The recent situation of the domestic textile industry is not good, the production profit of textile enterprises is still poor, the opening probability continues to decline, the spot transaction declines, and the inventory of finished products continues to rise slightly. Cotton grey fabric market demand continues to be weak, the off-season atmosphere continues. There are more controls in terms of output, a few large factories still maintain high load operation, and the opening rate is low. At present, cotton grey cloth follow-up orders to undertake weak, export orders although the inquiry is positive, but the implementation of the real order is not much. In terms of spot, the spot trading atmosphere of grey cloth is insufficient, many textile factories reflect significantly weaker than before the holiday, the current inventory level has increased, the textile factory reflects the transaction price can be discussed, the basic volume negotiation, and the textile factory maintains a loss. Special orders such as hemp are still relatively stable, the price of raw materials has risen, and it is difficult to buy good prices. In order to pursue higher cost performance, more low-priced chemical fibers are released to the market. Dyeing factory orders light, delivery price can be discussed.

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