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On May 20, the third session of the fourth Council of China Filament Weaving Association and the third session of the sixth Executive Director expansion Conference was held in Wang Jiangjing Town, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. Sun Ruizhe, President of China Textile Industry Federation, Duan Xiaoping, Vice president of China Filament Weaving Association, Wang Jiayi and other leading guests attended the meeting. Local governments of industrial clusters, experts and scholars, directors of China Filament Weaving Association and main leaders of key member units gathered together to discuss the topic of "Innovation leads new quality development".

Adhere to the innovation, with new quality productivity to enable the construction of modern textile industry system

At the meeting, Sun Ruizhe, president of the China Textile Industry Federation, made a theme report entitled "Keeping innovation - Enabling the construction of a modern textile industrial system with new quality productivity", he pointed out that the current textile industry is in a key period of transition to a more advanced form and a more reasonable structure, facing new challenges of transforming the development mode, optimizing the industrial structure and transforming the growth momentum. The new quality productivity is the strategic choice to realize the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry and the realistic need to resolve the pressure and challenge, which is realistic and necessary.

For how to develop new quality productivity, Sun Ruizhe said that the answer can be found in the integration of data and reality, green transformation, integrated innovation, cultural creativity, and global cooperation. "Enterprises should strengthen the application and exploration of AI technology in the industry, and build new advantages with systematic and professional digital innovation; Further promote the integrated development of "carbon reduction, pollution reduction, green expansion and growth", and build new advantages in sustainable development with a green, low-carbon and circular industrial structure and production mode; Give full play to the continuity and integrity of the technology ladder, and promote the balanced development and echelon development of basic industries, emerging industries and future industries through the coordination and interaction of all links; Give full play to the role of cultural empowerment, and form Chinese style with differentiated and distinctive value symbols and cultural products; In a more open and inclusive manner, we should integrate global resources, carry out global layout, solve global problems and achieve global development."

"Filament weaving has particularity and importance in cultivating new quality productivity." Sun Ruizhe stressed that the silk weaving industry is the basic support to ensure the scale advantage and system advantage of the textile industry, an important engine to drive material innovation and equipment innovation, a key force to maintain the smooth operation of the global textile industry chain and supply chain, and is in a special position and has important value in the development of textile new quality productivity. In recent years, filament weaving enterprises adhere to manufacturing-oriented, innovation, high-end, intelligent transformation has been effective, and successfully sublimated the scale advantage into value advantage and scope advantage.

Sun Ruizhe pointed out that under the new situation, the filament weaving industry should maintain steady growth, and further expand the new vision and new realm of new quality productivity. It is necessary to find a foothold, consolidate the foundation of manufacturing, promote the synergy of strong foundation and innovation, and let the stock and increase at the same time; Find a balance point, optimize spatial layout, balance the relationship between in-place upgrading and industrial transfer, and develop new quality productivity according to local conditions; Find the combination point, make good use of value leverage, grasp the correlation and coupling degree between capital and market, and deepen the cooperation between industry and finance; Find a breakthrough point, accelerate the transformation of digital intelligence, and improve the application level of digital and intelligent equipment.

Wang Jiayi, president of China Filament Weaving Association, made a report on the work and industrial development of the fourth Council of the third session of China Filament Weaving Association entitled "Innovation leads new quality development". He pointed out that since 2024, the filament weaving industry has been moving forward in the recovery, and the operation quality and efficiency have risen steadily, achieving a good start. From January to March, the industrial added value, operating income and total profit of the filament weaving industry (enterprises above designated size) achieved double-digit rapid growth, of which operating income increased by 14% and total profit increased by 49.6%. Foreign trade exports are stable and good, from January to March, the cumulative export quantity of China's chemical fiber filament fabric 5.41 billion meters, an increase of 8.1%, the export amount of 4.73 billion US dollars, an increase of 6.2%, higher than the overall textile export growth rate of 4.2 percentage points.

China's filament weaving industry is an industry with global comparative advantages, and is in a critical period of transition to a more reasonable structure and higher quality development. How to speed up the development of new quality productivity, explore new momentum in the establishment and breaking, and promote the intelligent, green, high-end and integrated development of the industry, Wang Jiayi pointed out that the first is to improve strategic positioning and strive for world-class development. Enterprises must have the determination to "break" and the courage to "stand", elevate the "striving for world-class enterprises" to the strategic height of enterprise development, benchmark the top enterprises in the industry, strengthen the construction of modern enterprise system, and improve the product, technology, management, talent and other aspects. Second, innovation drives the high-quality development of the filament weaving industry. Strengthen product innovation and expand application boundaries; Strengthen technological innovation and lead industrial upgrading; Strengthen management innovation and consolidate the industrial foundation. The third is to enrich the green heritage of new quality productivity. Continuously optimize water saving and emission reduction measures; Accelerate the construction of a green and low-carbon cycle system; We will improve the standard system for green production. Fourth, create a new type of labor force that matches the development of new quality productivity. Cultivate application-oriented talents who can master the new quality means of production, innovative talents who can adapt to the new quality productivity market and realize value, and strategic talents who can create new quality productivity. Fifth, accelerate the construction of advanced manufacturing industrial clusters, develop new quality productivity according to local conditions, improve development efficiency, and build modern industrial clusters.

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