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[Shandong modern light industry textile industry an]
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On October 28, the establishment meeting of Shandong modern light industry textile production-education Integration Community was held in Weifang City.

Shandong Modern Light Industry Textile Industry and Education integration Community is led by Lutai Textile Co., LTD., Qingdao University, Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology, according to the "Shandong Provincial Department of Education and other 8 departments on the establishment of the" Top Ten "industrial cluster industry integration community Notice", take the initiative to docking Shandong "top Ten" industries, Facing the digital, intelligent and brand transformation and upgrading needs of the modern light industrial textile industry, play the role of government leadership, industry coordination and the dual main role of schools and enterprises, integrate the high-quality resources of the modern light industrial textile industry, establish an industry-wide and cross-regional integration community of production and education, match the supply and demand of production and education, and develop the modern light industrial textile industry "digitalized, intelligent, branded, international and collaborative". Provide full and efficient technology, talent support, service industry "going out" strategy.

The purpose of the Community is to promote educational innovation, cultivate technical skills elites, serve the transformation of the industry, and promote diversified development. Based on the adjustment and transformation and upgrading of industrial structure in Shandong Province, the Community will deepen the innovation of professional personnel training models in colleges and vocational colleges, achieve further integration and optimization of school-running resources, promote in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises, help the development and quality improvement of education content in the field of light industry textile in Shandong Province, and enhance the ability of education to serve economic and social development in Shandong Province.

In the next step, Shandong modern light textile industry integration Community of production and education will base on the organic integration and connection of education chain, talent chain and industrial chain, and innovation chain, in-depth research on collaborative education model innovation from the perspective of production and education integration, and carry out cooperation in professional construction, curriculum development, "double teacher" team construction, training base construction, and textbook compilation. Build an industry-education docking platform and an exchange and cooperation platform for members, give full play to the resource advantages of industries, enterprises and schools within the community, and realize resource sharing and complementary advantages between schools and enterprises.

As one of the leading units of the community, Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology has continuously deepened the reform of education and teaching in recent years to serve the national development strategy, serve the economic and social development and serve the all-round growth of students, build a new teaching resource supply system, form a "workplace + information" talent training model, and promote the deep integration of government, bank, enterprise and school. A new model of integration between industry and education featuring symbiosis, sharing and win-win results has been formed.

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