[The application of pp yarn]
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The application of pp yarn

Used for ribbon, rope yarn, pp yarn, pp yarn is also called PP puqiang yarn, PP yarn/polypropylene yarn and polypropylene color yarn/polypropylene puqiang yarn is mainly used for ribbon, rope.

Polypropylene yarn and polypropylene color yarn/polypropylene Puqiang wire can also be used for mobile phone suspenders, shoelaces and backpack straps and other civil webbing. pp yarn/polypropylene color yarn/polypropylene Puqiang yarn, polypropylene yarn specifications; 300D, 450D, 600D, 900D, 1000D, and so on, there are nearly ten thousand kinds of polypropylene yarn for customers to choose, can also be customized according to customer needs of various colors of polypropylene yarn. The ribbon and rope woven by pp yarn/polypropylene yarn can be used for all kinds of luggage belts, travel bags, backpacks, shoelaces, mobile phone suspenders and so on. The belt woven by PP yarn with special performance can be used as car safety belt, safety belt for mountaineering, high altitude and sea work, gas car binding belt, etc. Christmas yarn should be used for Christmas trees.

pp yarn specifications; : 300D-1200D, color can be customized according to customer requirements. Special performance PP yarn woven belt can be used as car safety belt, mountaineering, high altitude and sea work safety belt, gas car binding belt.

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