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What should I pay attention to when purchasing polypropylene high-strength yarn?

When choosing high-quality polypropylene high-strength yarn, please remember these important performance characteristics of polypropylene high-strength yarn: anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, light weight, wear resistance, low thermal conductivity, seawater corrosion resistance, non-hygroscopic, and good stability. Polypropylene high-strength yarn with the above characteristics will be your best choice.

1. When purchasing polypropylene monofilament, the quality should be the priority. If the quality of this polypropylene monofilament is not bad. Then you can use this product more, and the product will give you a satisfying experience.
2. Whether the price is reasonable when purchasing polypropylene monofilament is also very important. Whether the quantity is large or small, pay attention to whether the price is reasonable. This is to ensure that when you buy polypropylene monofilament, you will not lose money, but you can also buy inexpensive products.
3. It is also important to choose a suitable procurement channel for polypropylene monofilament. Whether it is an online order or an offline dealer to purchase, it is very important to find a purchase channel.

The polypropylene high-strength yarn produced by Guangdong Qingyuan Yitong Co., Ltd., specification 300D-1200D, product performance anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, heat absorption and shrinkage and small specific gravity (0.91), high breaking strength, low elongation, environmental protection and pollution-free, widely Used for industrial cloth, industrial filter cloth, aluminum alloy door and window sealing tops, PVC hose reinforcement, slings, safety belts, conveyor belts, woven geotextiles, industrial wires, cables, fishing nets, etc. New ideal materials for ethylene, nylon and glass fiber, and maintain long-term cooperative relations with relevant domestic large and medium-sized enterprises to provide a strong guarantee for their production!

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