[Polypropylene plus silk product application]
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Polypropylene plus silk products are mainly used in the following areas:
1: Polypropylene plus wire is applied to the line class
   Apopalized wire made of polypropylene, due to its low price, high strength, anti-aging, wear-resistant, sea water corrosion, elasticity, etc., mainly used in sewing cement bag, chemical fertilizer bag, plastic bag, fishing net weaving Wait industry.
2: Polypropylene plus silk is applied to the rope network
   The main raw material of polypropylene plus silk is a polypropylene high strength wire, which has the advantages of high fracture strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and light, and the rope network made of polypropylene plus shafts is mainly used for architecture, transportation, agriculture. , Fisheries, sports activities with rope nets.
3: Polypropylene plus silk is used in geotextile
   With a polypropylene, weaving geotextiles, suitable for roads, railways, airports, seawall, water channels, reservoirs, harbor and bridges, with no need to break, build a dam, dams, fast, high engineering effect, Investment in the province, quality, etc.
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