[PP yarn application]
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PP yarn, polypropylene yarn is also called polypropylene, is a yarn produced by the polypropylene material, so it is called a polypropylene yarn. The polypropylene light yarn shape section is hollow-shaped polypropylene, also known as a polypropylene light wire or a polypropylene yarn.

PP yarn characteristics
The weight is 20% -30% lower than the ordinary polypropylene yarn. The polypropylene light yarn has the characteristics of anti-aging, high alkali resistance, high strength and anti-impressive force. Because the propylene propruption is low, the quality is light, the coverage is strong And high abrasion resistance, acid and alkali, anti-insect, easy cleaning, etc. So the polypropylene filament is mainly used in luggage belts, handicrafts, sand release, craft cloth, curtains, furniture cloth, car seat cushions and other products.

Good gloss, colorful, easy to clean, low cost, environmental protection, color, anti-aging, acid and alkali, light, wear-resistant, low thermal conductivity, sea water corrosion, no moisture, and break.

PP yarn application

The gauze of the polypropylene is also called apropylene light wire. This product is made into a polypropylene fiber fabric: the polypropylene is one of the lightweight fabrics, the weight is only 3/5 of cotton, so it is very suitable for winter clothing. The strength of the polypropylene fabric made of mountaineering, the polypropylene fabric made of polypropylene fabric is very good, and the garment is firm and wearing.

(PP yarn) polypropylene light yarn (also known as polypropylene) color can be produced according to customer requirements.
Uses: Mainly used in web belts, rope, weaving, line, etc.

(PP yarn) apropylene light gauze (also known as polypropylene sidework) no connector, bright color, uniform strip.

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