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An outbreak of a new coronary pneumonia epidemic has forced some domestic and international exhibition activities in the first half of 2020 to press the pause button. As the global epidemic situation improves, many countries have begun to formulate plans to eventually restore normal social life. At present, countries such as Spain, Germany, Austria, Denmark, and the Czech Republic have successively stated that they will relax the closure measures taken in response to the new crown epidemic.

At the same time, the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on the Joint Prevention and Control of the New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism on the Normalization of New Coronary Pneumonia Outbreaks" at 18:00 on May 8th. The official announced that various necessary meetings can be held , Exhibition activities, and accelerate the resumption of business resumption ...

This undoubtedly gave the exhibition industry a booster, and the exhibition industry pressed the restart button!

"Conference + Internet" to build an online industry ecosystem

As we all know, the exhibition is the best place for enterprises to develop markets, develop customers and understand industry trends. In the current epidemic situation, the convention and exhibition economy has been greatly affected. In order to solve the multiple problems such as the difficulty of developing textile exhibitions under the international epidemic situation, the difficulty of participating in textile enterprises, and the difficulty of interaction between purchasers and merchants, the new concept of "online cloud exhibition" has suddenly emerged and has become a kind of The new convention and exhibition mode has brought greater space for imagination and exploration for industry development and enterprise management.

"Online Cloud Exhibition" uses Internet technology and convenient data-based information services to open up the upstream and downstream industry chains, which has promoted the development of the textile industry informatization. At present, some well-known exhibitions such as the Canton Fair and the Textile Fair have announced that they will hold an online cloud exhibition.

It is reported that the Ministry of Commerce announced last month that the 127th Canton Fair will be held online from June 15 to 24 for a period of 10 days. Holding Canton Fair on the Internet is an innovative measure to actively respond to the impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, and strive to stabilize the basic foreign trade foreign capital. It is helpful to help foreign trade companies take orders and secure the market, and better play the role of the Canton Fair as an all-round opening platform. The Ministry of Commerce will insist on equal emphasis on import and export, do a good job in production, supply and marketing, improve the online experience of the majority of enterprises and merchants, and strive to host a "special period, special significance, special measures, and wonderful" online Canton Fair.

At the same time, in order to actively respond to the impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic and help foreign trade companies develop markets and overcome difficulties, the Ministry of Commerce has recently decided not to charge companies for participation fees during the online holding of the 127th Canton Fair, nor to cross-border e-commerce participating in simultaneous activities. The platform charges no fees.

As the largest international textile and apparel procurement platform on the east coast of the United States, the organizers of the United States Texworld Apparel Fabrics Exhibition, New York International Apparel Sourcing Exhibition, New York International Home Textiles Procurement Exhibition and China Textile and Apparel Trade Fair (New York) announced recently that they will be in 2020 On July 21-23, the online exhibition of the digital platform was launched, looking forward to meeting with the industry in the cloud.

The current overseas epidemic situation continues to spread, and the textile industry in many countries around the world has been affected to varying degrees. The organizer has fully considered the practical difficulties and demands of foreign trade enterprises and adopted a new model of online exhibitions to provide a viable alternative to exhibitors visiting the United States.

It is reported that the New York Exhibition has played a major role in the process of the Chinese textile industry going global and allocating global resources. Many Chinese textile and apparel companies have used the platform of the New York Exhibition to expand their international horizons, and use the US market as a fulcrum to lay out the world, providing strong support for the "going out" and transformation and upgrading of the Chinese textile industry.

As a professional exhibition of domestic grey fabric yarn and chemical fiber, China Grey Fabric Textile New Material Exhibition (Shaoxing Keqiao) will be held in Keqiao · China Textile City International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 11-13. This exhibition will bring together many industry-leading companies to participate in the exhibition. With the advantage of Keqiao textile gathering place, it will once again bring a textile event that brings new technologies, new products and new trends to the industry. At the same time, the organizer will also provide additional "cloud release" supporting services for exhibitors to conduct online and offline exhibition and marketing to ensure the maximum effect of exhibitors!

In addition, in March and April this year, under the leadership of the China Textile City Construction Management Committee, relying on the China Textile City Group Co., Ltd.'s global textile network and online textile city have held two cloud exhibitions, and combined with the cloud exhibition line New models, such as live streaming and live streaming, have helped companies broaden their sales channels and break through the asymmetric information barriers in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain.

Although the exhibitions in the previous months have been postponed or closed due to the impact of the epidemic situation, with the effective control of the domestic epidemic situation, taking advantage of the steady recovery of the domestic economic order, the exhibition industry will start a new sail and start sailing again!

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