[Thanksgiving | Yitong goes all the way, thank you!]
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Thanksgiving, this holiday from the West,
At first it was to thank God for the good harvest.
But for us
Thanksgiving is more like
Provided us with a warm opportunity,
Hurriedly ignored or unspeakable on weekdays
That gratitude is expressed.

Thank you mom and dad
When we were young, our parents were our patrons;
When we grow up, we are the strongest backing for our parents.
No matter how time passes,
Let's hold our parents' hands,
Accompany them to grow old.
"Sheep is kneeling, and crows are feeding back"

Thank you my partner
Thanks to the other half, staying with me all the way, relying on each other;
Amazing time and warm years
Together in the wind and rain.
It is you who make me more aware of the value of feelings,
Your smile, your words,
It is the most beautiful chapter in my life.
"The hand of the child, the old man with the child"

Thank you hello honey / brother
Maybe loneliness is the normal state of life,
So it will be more precious when you meet.
Thank you for meeting you on that long journey
Stay with me lonely and give me joy;
Know that I am fragile and relieve my worries.
Thank you for your youth.
Friend, don't come here, thank you for having you.

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Thank you my friends
You are gentle and lovely at work,
Thank you for your care and help,
Bring a touch of tenderness to hard work,
Let us grow together, work together,
Cheer for Yitong's better future.

Thank you, Yitong people
Come out early and return late, thank you for your resentment;
Spring and Autumn, thank you for coming along!
Yitong is ready
Go all out with you!
Go hand in hand in the future,
Harvest the joy of success together!

All Yitong employees
Thank you for your continued support and love
Is your unconditional trust and tolerance,
Made Yitong today.
Make us more motivated,
Constantly innovating, surpassing, and moving forward.
Make our products recognized by the market,
Enterprises continue to grow.
Thank you for helping us from strange to familiar,
Yitong's success will win you all the way!
In future development,
May we not forget our original intention and move forward!
I hope we will continue to work together to create brilliant!

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