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[China's textile industry in the global Silk Road e]
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The year 2017 is an extraordinary year. The victory of the 19th Plenary of the Party was held and the world is drawing attention. The construction of the "Belt and a Road" has deeply rooted in people's hearts and stirred up the world. As the most historic source to the "Silk Road," the Chinese textile industry, indispensable in the global economy, played an important pioneer role in the "going global" one-year period.
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This year, a series of docking activities of textile industry at home and abroad held a heat, facing the world and the future. In the same year, as a promoter of the international layout of China's textile industry, the alliance of China Textile International Capacity Cooperation Enterprises actively promoted and steadily progressed. This year, the future-oriented Chinese textile enterprises rooted themselves in the world and laid out the whole world. In the same year, China's textile industry, which was aggressive and progressive, integrated into the global industrial chain and built a new competitive advantage in the world.

Temperament, the future. Pursue the pace of the past on the "going out" road and open a new journey of "building the Belt and Road".

Take the initiative to help the textile industry actively participate in the "One Belt, One Road" construction

Since the beginning of this year, the Chinese textile industry has been more actively integrated into the "One Belt and One Road" initiative. As a result, "action" has been frequent. Thanks to the early completion of the overseas layout business of Chinese textile enterprises, the "going global" development of the Chinese textile industry has become more smooth and the parties have all reported their utmost enthusiasm to promote China's textile industry to the world and to the world.

At the beginning of spring 2017, China Textile Industry Federation formally announced in March that "China Textile International Capacity Cooperation Enterprise Alliance" (hereinafter referred to as "Union") was established. Union is approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, led by the China National Textile and Apparel Council, initiated member units covering domestic and international development of the backbone of the textile and garment enterprises, textile industry chain of professional associations and local communities. A total of 88 alliance members. Union Secretariat set up in the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade textile branch, the secretariat responsible for the Union's specific work. This is a major measure taken by China's textile industry to integrate into the nation's "One Belt, One Road" construction and also marks a major turning point in China's textile industry from an export-oriented product export to an international export-led capacity-building partnership.

The coalition works closely around the construction of three service systems of "bridge collaboration," "investment promotion," and "information research." The goal is to do a good job in serving better and healthier "going global" industries and enterprises.

As a platform for promoting international capacity cooperation in the textile industry in the "Belt and Road", the coalition has the authority to fill in the NDRC's international capacity cooperation project management system and to browse through the international capacity cooperation projects of the entire textile industry. After consulting the projects of allied enterprises and related professional associations, the secretariat shall declare 23 key projects in the textile industry and the projects included in the key projects database of the management system will receive the priority support of the national policies.

In addition, the Union also participated in a number of issues of the Ministry of Industry Research. Participated in the seminar of state industrial layout along the "Belt and Road" for many times and undertook the special entrusted tasks; carried out the research on "the situation and countermeasures of foreign trade investment in the textile industry"; elaborated on the latest progress of foreign trade in the textile industry; faced with the import and export of the industry The situation at home and abroad as well as the prospect of international layout in the future and so on. The report on "Research on Environment and Investment Opportunities for Textile Development in Southeast Asia" will be completed. The opportunities and risks of investment in Southeast Asian countries will be estimated in the future. The research results have been compiled into "Southeast Asia Prospects for Development Environment and Trade Investment in Textile Industry "to be released for the whole industry. In the meantime, the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) released for the first time in China a White Paper on Ethiopian Investment Opportunities in the Textile Industry.

As of the end of November, the number of members of China Textile International Capacity Cooperation Enterprise Alliance has reached 104. In response, Xu Yingxin, vice chairman of China National Textile and Apparel Council and executive vice president of the Textile Industry Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), said that so many members of the alliance came together under the call of China Spinning Union to unite as one and develop together. Alliance is a textile international community of destiny, a joint fleet to the sea. Nowadays, there is a clear path for benign interaction between backbone enterprises in carrying out cross-border distribution of productive forces and global allocation of quality resources and upgrading and upgrading of domestic industries. The alliance is playing an active role in leading and serving its members in carrying out capacity cooperation and quality resources for "One Belt and One Road" positive effects.

Taking this as an opportunity, the speed and efficiency of a series of "going global" activities of the Chinese textile industry will be carried out in the future.

From April 23 to April 26, under the umbrella of the alliance, the delegation of Chinese textile and apparel entrepreneurs visited Myanmar and Vietnam in succession and conducted an in-depth and detailed investigation of the current situation and investment environment of the textile and garment industry in the two countries. They learned more about the development of local Chinese-funded enterprises, conducted a more detailed survey of Thilawa Special Economic Zone in Myanmar, Singapore Industrial Park in Vietnam and Fudong Industrial Park in order to further explore the road for Chinese textile enterprises to follow Myanmar.

On April 27, the alliance organization, coordinating Uzbekistan Light Industry Holding Company and Jiangsu Jinsheng Group co-sponsored "China-Ukraine Textile Industry Seminar" in Beijing. More than 20 representatives of textile professional associations and business representatives attended the seminar. Both parties The textile industry in both countries further discussed the cooperation in trade and investment and held an in-depth discussion with Uzbek on issues such as the latest government support to the textile industry by the Uzbek government, wages and salaries, educational attainment and quality standards of Uzbekistan

At the ensuing summit of international cooperation on the "Belt and Road", which attracted worldwide attention, the textile industry played an overture. On May 12, under the active planning of the coalition, the premier of Ethiopia paid a special meeting with entrepreneur representatives from the textile industry during his visit to China to jointly explore new opportunities for cooperation in the textile industry between China and Egypt.

During the talks, the core enterprises of China's textile industry gathered in the market. Sunshine Group, Huafang Group, Lianfa Group, Wuxi Yibian, Jiangsu Dongdu, Inner Mongolia Deer Cashmere, Anhui Huamao, Hengtian Group, Guangdong Huida, Hengtian Enterprise, Texhong Textile, Huafu Color Spinning and other textile and textile enterprises in 12 international leaders of more than 30 representatives of participants.

From May 22 to May 26, a delegation of Chinese textile and apparel entrepreneurs visited Morocco and Tunisia to work with local trade associations to promote China's textile and garment enterprises in business matching with the local advantageous enterprises and explore cooperation modes.

At the end of April, the coalition assisted the alliance member Wuxi Yimian Textile Group Co., Ltd. to conduct a special investment inspection in Ethiopia. On May 26, at the signing ceremony of a major investment project of state-owned enterprises in Wuxi held in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, with the help and witness of China Textile Spinning Union, Wuxi Yimian Textile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuxi Yimian Textile Group Co., Ltd.) Wuxi Yimian) Chairman Zhou Yejun and Ambassador Mulie Tarekeng, Consul General of Ethiopia in Shanghai, have signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Investment. On November 2, Wuxi Yimian Textile Group Co., Ltd. and Ethiopia Investment Commission formally signed an investment agreement in Wuxi.

On June 5, a delegation from China Textile Industry Federation went to Ethiopia to conduct an investment research. The survey is the third time in 2015 and after 2016, China Textile Alliance leaders led a delegation to invest in Ethiopia.

June 26-28 China Textile International Capacity Cooperative Enterprise Federation, CCPIT Textile Branch and China National Garment Association Women's Special Commission join hands with 5 Chinese high-quality clothing and apparels brands and trading enterprises to enter the high-end Italian clothing brand and manufacturing center - Vicen Inspection, visit the strong connotation of textile and clothing.

From July 18 to July 21, a delegation of China Textile Alliance met with Han Qisheng, governor of the U.S. Arkansas, and held discussions with senior officials of the Arkansas State Economic Development Commission. This is the second high-level meeting between the two sides following the visit of the Governor of Arkansas Hutchinson to China in January last year with the leaders of China Textiles and Textile Association. In early November, Arkansas Governor Hutchinson led a delegation to visit China. Union Chief Gao Yong and Executive Director Xu Yingxin held an official meeting with the delegation.

On September 7, 2017, the "going out" conference for China's textile industry was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. With the theme of "Rooting the Homeland and Silk Road Globally", this session not only attracts much attention, but also full of dry goods.

The conference gathered representatives from governments and related agencies in Ethiopia, the United States, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries and regions as well as representatives from key global textile industry chain companies, overseas investment institutions and trade organizations. Representatives from all walks of life not only fully understood the state's policy of active and prudent international distribution of the industry, but also enjoyed the investment environment and industry space of overseas countries and regions in policy, politics, economy, taxation and trade, Go out "forerunner's experience and experience, which will further stimulate the confidence and determination of the strength textile enterprises to" go global "and promote the positive interaction of the" One Belt and One Road "global layout.

In late September, a delegation of Chinese textile and garment entrepreneurs walked into Hungary and Romania to hold in-depth talks with local garment associations and other industry organizations, introduced the development status of the Chinese textile industry to the local media, and discussed the cooperation between China's textile industry and Hungary and Romania Clothing industry future cooperation space and specific areas for cooperation were discussed.

From November 15 to November 19, the delegation of China Textile Spread Union once again came to Ethiopia to carry out thematic research on Ethiopia and South Africa. As the cooperation with Ethiopia continues to deepen, the middle and lower reaches of Egypt's textile and apparel industry chain has become more and more complete. This investigation is aimed at the upstream areas such as industrial and chemical fiber to explore cooperation possibilities. In the short three years of cooperation between China and Egypt, China Textile Alliance visited Ethiopia for four times, which has contributed to the continuous improvement of Egypt's textile and garment industry. It fully reflects the forward-looking and planned cooperation of both sides.

From November 20 to 22, a delegation from China Textile Spreadover visited South Africa and held in-depth talks with the South African government's Trade and Investment Development Organization. During this period, South African parties expressed their interest in attracting Chinese textile and garment enterprises, especially the upstream textile and fabric enterprises The desire to invest in South Africa.

In less than a year, the coalition's work has not stopped and the pace of China's textile industry going out has not slowed down. To China's textile enterprises, joining the "One Belt, One Road" construction has long been a goal of realizing the international development of enterprises and promoting the development of industries The inevitable choice of globalization. The "Belt and Road Initiative" has opened a new journey for China's textile industry and will surely create new opportunities for development and seek new impetus for development and expansion of new space for development.

Accelerate investment and build new advantages in overseas competition for Chinese textile enterprises

In a series of exchanges and interactions, investigations and visits, more and more countries and regions along the Belt and Road have come to realize that the opportunities for the transfer of textile and garment production capacity have come and they have allotted an olive branch to China's textile industry. The support and gratitude for the work of China Textile Alliance and related organizations of the Union.

Take Ethiopia as an example, the country attaches great importance to cooperation with Chinese textile enterprises. It not only ranks the textile and clothing industry as a key national development industry, but also sets up a China office in the government departments such as the Ministry of Finance, the Customs and Investment Commission and assists the Chinese enterprises Ethiopian investment cooperation.

At a meeting in May this year, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam said the Ethiopian government is very grateful to China Textile Federation for its continuous support for the development of Ethiopia's textile industry. It has always been a welcome move by China's textile enterprises to invest in Ethiopia attitude.

From this year's "going out" results, the backbone of China's textile industry initiative to significantly increase awareness of the international layout, and a global perspective of the upstream and downstream industry chain, high-quality resources, advanced research and development capabilities and technology, terminal channels and other fields Investment and mergers and acquisitions, in order to build a new international competitive advantage.

For example, Jiangsu Tianyuan to clothing intelligent production of the road, successfully entered the United States. Tang Xinhong, chairman of Jiangsu Tianyuan Garment Co., Ltd., shared his experience and said Tianyuan's highly intelligent production line, combined with China's wisdom and made in the United States, not only collaborates with top research institute Softwear to achieve a key breakthrough but also builds with different manufacturing combinations Different products to ensure the international competitive advantage.

Kang Yihua, chairman of Jiangsu Huarui International Group, said that "going global" sidesteps trade barriers and lowers production costs. On the other hand, the company's marketing network, logistics channels and R & D centers have been built into the international markets for product sales through Optimize the allocation of resources in all aspects of production, R & D, logistics, distribution and marketing, effectively integrating the two markets at home and abroad.

In fact, over the past year, alliances have taken the initiative as a catalyst for all parties. As a result, the overseas investment in China's textile industry is accelerating. The initiative of enterprises in international distribution has been significantly enhanced, and the breadth and depth have been expanded.

More than 20 Chinese textile enterprises represented by Sunshine, Huafang, UNIFEM, Wuxi Yimin, Wuxi Jinmao and Guangdong Huida signed memorandums of investment cooperation or formal agreement with Ethiopia one after another, and some of the projects have landed. Tianhong and Hundred Longtanfang, Huafu Color Spinning, Younger, Luthai, Xindadong, Yu Lun and other companies in the total investment in Vietnam has more than 2.5 million spindles; Shenzhou International, that hair, Dongdu and other knitwear large enterprises have basically built Chinese and Southeast Asian countries, with close cooperation in production capacity. In the countries and regions such as France, Italy, Australia, the United States, Canada and New Zealand, Chinese textile enterprises take the initiative to integrate the high-quality resources in the global industrial chain. The successful completion of the acquisition of France's SMCP Fashion Group Multi-attention. On the path of "going global" with win-win cooperation as the core, China's textile enterprises should not forget the beginning of their minds and strive to forge ahead with unity.

Looking to the future, "Enterprise + Union" China's textile industry kinetic energy is still abundant

Since the implementation of the "Belt and Road Initiative", with the continual strengthening of the "five links" such as policy communication, facilities connectivity, trade liberalization, financial intermediation and mutual popular support, the textile industry, in the process of "going global" for global layout and capacity cooperation, gain much.

Looking forward, Gao Yong, party secretary and secretary general of China National Textile and Apparel Industry Federation, and chairman of China National Textile and Apparel Industry Association, said that the momentum for the development of China's textile industry remains abundant. The principles and priorities for the next international layout of the textile industry lie in:

First, adhere to the principle of an active and secure international layout; second, fully release the positive momentum that the international layout supports the building of a textile power. The international layout of the textile industry can play a strong supporting role in building a powerful nation and has a positive interaction with the industry in its domestic transformation and upgrading. China's textile industry can achieve cross-border integration of its industrial chain through international distribution, realize its global status as a global value chain, meet global markets with global resources, foster a group of multinational manufacturing enterprises and fashion groups based on the Chinese mainland, To achieve a win-win development for the developing countries in the wholesale trade is the proper meaning for our industry to become a powerful nation in the fields of branding, technology, human resources and sustainability.

Xu Yingxin, vice chairman of China National Textile and Apparel Council and executive chairman of China Textile International Capacity Cooperation Enterprise Union also said that they highly agree that the development of the "Belt and Road" opportunities is firmly rooted in the entire industry. At the same time, The active docking and cooperation of the global high-quality industrial resources is an important support for the further transformation and upgrading of the industry and the building of a powerful textile power. Only by mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation can we work steadily and openly and tolerely can we work together.

As a representative of the collective interests of China's textile industry, China Textile Industry Federation will, as always

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