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[The difference between polypropylene and polypropy]
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1, polypropylene far-infrared fabric performance:

Far infrared polypropylene fiber is in the polypropylene fiber by adding far-infrared ceramic powder produced by a highly efficient absorption and emission of far-infrared fiber. This fiber can emit in the temperature of 7-14cm far infrared rays to the human body, which contains the energy of water molecules in the human body resonance absorption, the body produces local warming effect, promote blood circulation, due to the resonance effect also improved Most of the biological activity, played a role in regulating the body metabolism, improve the body's immune function. By the far-infrared polypropylene fiber and cotton blended interwoven made of clothing has broad application prospects. 2, polypropylene far-infrared fabric of the process:

Tapering → singeing → desizing → bleaching → dyeing → soft → tenter → pre-taper over seam

3, polypropylene far-infrared fabric dyeing and finishing characteristics:

(1), polypropylene and cotton blended fabric due to the weaving of cotton fibers appear certain furry, so singeing process is critical, but the melting point of polypropylene low, high temperature easy to melt, so when singeing faster, we generally control In the 140-150 m / min.

(2), desizing with low alkali desizing, the oxygen bleaching treatment of semi-finished product quality, that is to achieve dyeing requirements.

(3), because the polypropylene fiber intolerance alkali, mercerized feel hardened, therefore, it is best not to mercerization.

(4), dyeing, difficult to dye because of polypropylene, we do shirt fabric only cotton part of the dye, and are ideal for light-colored effect.

(5), the melting point of polypropylene fiber is only 186 ℃, low melting point for the characteristics of the experiment we determined that the stereotypes should be controlled within 135-140 ℃, or the fabric will be a serious loss of strength.

(6), polypropylene far-infrared and cotton fiber blended fabric because of Shu Shu performance, finishing in the use of hydrophilic softener finishing to improve the fabric softness.

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